Table of Contents

Overview #

Player will always have the option to do a basic attack. The attack option is scaled based on your performance in the mini-game. In addition to the mini-game the game “throws a pair of dice” to add in a variable amount of bonus damage every attack round.

PvE / PvP #

The attack option works the same for the Alpha v1 build. Your weapon’s stats are calculated with your Race (Rel or Badger) and you have a base damage value. This base damage stat is then modified based on your performance in the mini-game.

Mechanic #

Attack with mini-game:

Level 1 – 0% damage modification

Level 2 – 12.5% damage modification

Level 3 – 25% damage modification

Bonus Damage:

Bonus Damage is a random amount of damage based on 0-25% of your base damage stat. So if you had an attack stat of 100, the game would randomly add 0-25 damage to your attack.